Trevien Stanger

Featured Poet, Trevien Stanger

Trevien Stanger is breathing life into Burlington. Wild. Life. One of the founding members of the natal Parima Poets Publishing Collective, Trevien is a pure example of the independent thought and self-motivated spirit that identify this state. He is an organizer, a rabble-rouser, a person who seems to have the simple-yet-elusive understanding of who he is, what he is doing, and why. These traits have paid dividends, in both the content of his creative work and the means in which he transmits it to us. His new chapbook of poems, entitled “Wild. Life.” is 45 pages of prose, percussion and verse. He carries us with him in his knapsack as he travels from VT Route-100 to the Pacific Northwest to the Australian jungle and back here to the Radio Bean in Burlington, Vermont. He pays attention to spaces, and his place in them. He gets his fingers on the pulse. The pulse in Burlington has started throbbing. Beginning with some small readings in the Parima Thai Restaurant's Acoustic Lounge (a place with which Trevien has a mutualistic symbiosis), participation in performance poetry has swelled into regular one-and-a-half to two-hour sessions every Monday night with sporadic satellite readings at the On the Rise Bakery in Richmond. Trevien's momentum, added to that of the other poets his gravity attracts, has launched an independent publishing house for local poets whose work may not fit into the mold larger corporate publishing houses are looking for: “Poetry can't be constricted by what they are going to publish.” He told me that if he were a musician, he would “play as crazy a thing as I could think of, bizarre jazz measures.” That description feels right at home with his work, and his lifestyle. Because Trevien isn't just a poet, he is a man living poetically. And writing it down, whispering it, shouting it, rebounding it off of some sweet jazz guitar, and our ear-drums, and our mind-drums. Trevien is an explorer, searching for the way a person can be physically, imaginatively, intellectually, morally, and spiritually alive. Wild. Life. See you on Mondays.

by John Milton Oliver